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Why Was Hushpuppi Arrested in Dubai? What did Instagram celebrity Amirah do?

The majority of news stories these days feature arrest cases. People want to know the truth because some things are fake and some things are true. Many people are occupied this time around with looking for information regarding Amirah Dyme’s arrest. They are interested in finding out what crime she committed that made headlines. Some believe that this story is bogus, while others believe that it is clickbait. This information is without a doubt trending on social media, and many are worried about it. Amirah Dyme is a well-known figure on social media, and she developed a fan base on Instagram.

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Why Was Hushpuppi Detained In Dubai?

On the internet, there are numerous stories going around that she has been arrested by the police. Fans are now curious as to whether Instagram has actually been arrested and, if so, for what offence. She is not in police custody, and as usual, this information has been disproven as a false rumour. In actuality, she was never found. It appears that after hearing of Hushpuppi’s arrest, bogus rumours began to spread. Hushpuppi’s real name is Raymond Abass, who was thought to be an online scammer. The IG star’s ex-boyfriend was detained in Dubai in connection with the fraud investigation.

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How did Instagram celebrity Amirah act?

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The social media sensation attacked her ex-boyfriend on social media for criticising and seeming down on people who work hard to gain money as soon as the news of his detention broke. She claims Hushpuppi treats people poorly because he believes they are insufficient because they do not make as much money as him. She apparently broke up with her ex-boyfriend after he was arrested in June 2020. Amirah’s relationship with the alleged fraudster before his arrest increased the number of people who followed her on social media.

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She was born in Germany and is currently 28 years old. “Cake Queen” is the moniker she is most frequently referred to by. She started her Instagram account in June 2016, and since then, he has gathered a sizable following. She currently has 3.8 million followers on social media as of the time of writing. She frequently publishes images of herself modelling and even promotes clothing companies like Fashion Nova, NA-KD, and Blanco Bay. But this time, her arrest-related news has her in the press rather than her most recent business push or any popular photos.

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