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Who’s Paymoneywubby? Viral videos and pictures on Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit.

Fans of Paymoneywubby can now find out what the NFT market switch streamer has found. This switch streamer went live on October 28 as a joke for the NFT development. Wubby Triva was throwing a big party, which we saw. He invited all of his friends so they could all celebrate the NFT option he had made. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Who exactly is PayMoneyWUBBY?

Some of the nicknames can be seen being used in the video shown. For example, #NFTurd in the bathroom. It told the first and highest stream, showing a code, what it should do. People say that the auction’s starting price is the bid that is going up quickly, which started with only $6,000 and went up to $20,000 in just one night, which was a fantastic feat. Read More: Kimmikka Twitch viral video on Twitter & Reddit!!!


In a recent interview, Wubby said. He also stayed at the hotel where this video of my poop sold for $100,000. Wubby was shocked because he didn’t know that this thing would become so popular quickly in just one night.

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When he wanted to find out if a particular offer was genuine or not, everyone was shocked, and when he started looking into how the money would be paid, he became too hopeful. Three days after the option had ended, he didn’t know if he had gotten the payment.


To talk about the plant. It said that the bid price started to go up a lot. But he ended up canceling it after his first attempt to persuade as many people as possible. He tried to win more money on his second try by raising the stakes. But when he realized someone was trolling, he said you should tell them if you knew who it was. Read More: Leaked & Popular Miss Chocolate Video Scandal, Uff Bujhlam Na Tiktok Full Clip Link!

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