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Who was looking for the missing Karachi girl Dr. Sara Malik?

A 22-year-old woman named Dr. Sara Malik went missing from Karachi’s Seaview beach, and officials later decided that she may have killed herself by jumping into the water.

In the FIR, he said that Sarah was dating the owner of a veterinary clinic in the Karachi neighbourhood of Defence Nishat Commercial and that she had left home on Friday to work as a veterinarian in a private hospital. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

After police talked to witnesses and family members, the body taken to Jinnah hospital for an autopsy.

Police say that the victim lived in Azam Basti in Karachi. The police say, “We are looking into whether the girl killed herself or if it was something else.” On the other hand, the girl’s family was adamant that she had not killed herself.

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It’s important to note that her bag, which had the necessary identification papers, was close to where Do Darya was standing when the strange thing happened.

Dr. Sara Malik’s body found in a certain place.

The body of a female doctor who thought to have drowned found on Karachi’s Seaview beach on Sunday morning. This is important to know.

Near where Do Darya was, her bag with her ID papers found, which brought attention to the strange situation.

Where Dr. Sara Malik FIR registered

In an FIR filed with the Sahil police station, the girl’s father, Abrar Ahmed, said that the veterinary hospital owner se*xually assaulted his daughter.

The body taken to Jinnah Hospital for an autopsy, and police questioned witnesses and family members.

Dr. Sara Malik’s suspect’s name and arrested?

  • Dr. Shan Salim
  • Basma

A female doctor in Seaview took her own life, and an FIR made because the girl se*xually assaulted.

Police who looked into the case say that Sara Malik called her mother right before she died to tell her that Dr. Shaun Salim had se*xually assaulted her. Read Also: Guzman Pastora Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit!!

Shaun Salim allegedly called Sara’s mother that night to tell her that Sara missing and that her purse and shoes had found on the beach. The person who killed Sara Malik said that she had raped before she killed.

The police say that Dr. Shan, the candidate in the Sara Malik case, killed Sara Malik after he se*xually assaulted her. According to the police investigation, the child told her father that Dr. Shan had se*xually assaulted her over the phone.

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