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Who killed Moses Omusolo? what happened to Moses Omusolo?

People are talking about the latest news about another journalist, and we are here to confirm that journalist Moses Omusolo has died. Many reliable sources say that he killed on Kangundo Road in Nairobi early in the morning. On December 22, 2022, his body taken by the police. It was an unfortunate thing for both his family and the people of his country. We should apologize to his family. His soul can finally rest. He had been a member of pressure for a long time and reported in many different situations over the years. This was a big help. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Moses Omusolo Cause Of Death

He got his degree from MasindeMuliro University in 2013 and then started working at Standard Media Group. He read and wrote a lot and interested in science and medicine. At age 35, he was honest and loved what he did. He did a good job. Some news stories say he died from a severe injury. His body was taken to the hospital immediately, but he could not saved. The body was then sent to a forensics lab, and the police were looking for the person who did it. They don’t know anything about what he looks like. He doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, and there isn’t much known about him.

Moses Omusolo was a big deal in the media business. He kept an eye on a lot of things going on in the country. He never got involved in a fight because he always told the truth. Police say that his son’s body dumped on the roads later, possibly because of a fight. We’ve seen similar situations before, and some politicians are already skeptical.

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In the past, the government gotten mad at journalists who expose them or say bad things about them. Because of this, they have to take care of them. He always made sense, and his stories never had nonsense. Because of this, he became well-known. But he wanted to stay in his own country and give information about the enemy.

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