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Who is VOTESAXIN07? Link to a video that went viral on Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube

We are here to tell you about something very important, like this news that is getting a lot of attention right now. People are curious about the video that is going viral, so they rush to social media to find out more. On a social media site related to Natalia McNally: fake killers suspected. So, make sure you read this article all the way through to find out the whole story because this information has been causing a lot of debate lately. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

VOTESAXIN07 Viral video

Natalie’s killer put up a YouTube video as an alibi, which is also on social media. Now everyone is watching it, and many people who haven’t seen this particular video are also wondering why people are rushing to social media. When Stepehn McCullagh was arrested on December 19 because he was involved with the pregnant woman who was brutally killed, he came forward and told the police what happened.


But as soon as the police started looking into this case and the officer questioned him several times, it was found that the length of the video on his YouTube channel seemed to be a live video, and he also made claims about McCull, who at the time of the investigation was ruled out as a specific suspect in this case. However, this report was brought up in court when the police found a 32-year-old story that was revealed to be true.

VOTESAXIN07 Video Explained

But the police were immediately blamed for this murder. The investigation told the court that network experts did a lot of technical checks on McCullagh’s device and found some pre-recorded YouTube videos. However, over time, he admitted that he was filming the live broadcast. On his channel, which is still on the video page, he goes by the name votesaxon07.

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It was known to be a violent Christmas night live game stream, with more than a thousand comments. However, many commenters asked for the recording to be taken down from the video, which shows McCallah wearing a Santa hat and setting up his camera and computer as if he were in his living room. He also came to say that this show was leaked as it was happening.

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