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Who is Eric Matlou and William Mpadi Maphoto? Robbery suspects in SA are being held in custody.

Recently, word spread online that two individuals had arrested and taken into custody. Eric Matlou and William Mpadi Maphoto named as the two suspects. In the robbery case, they both put into custody. The news just broke online and quickly gained popularity on social media. As soon as this news began spreading on social media, countless comments began making online headlines. People have many questions regarding this news and are now eager to learn all there is to know about it.

According to the report, two South African citizens from Lephalale detained as suspects in the crime on Saturday. Six armed individuals and police engaged in a gunfight at Block 8 before the capture made. One individual detained after being arrested, and a second man detained the next day, on the Monday. Since the news posted online, many people have been paying close attention to it. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Who is William Mpadi Maphoto and Eric Matlou?

According to the reports, two suspects have named as 42-year-old Eric Matlou and 30-year-old William Mpadi Maphoto. They charged with two counts of illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition in front of the Village Magistrates court on Wednesday. Numerous reactions have been making online headlines ever since the news first surfaced. Many individuals nowadays are eager to learn all there is to know about the news, yet there is little information available.

It thought that two South African citizens were armed robbers. The two men detained and accused of illegally possessing weapons and ammo. Since the news posted online, it quickly gained popularity on numerous social networking platforms. This occurrence has surprised many people, and the news has raised many questions in the public’s mind, but police are presently looking into it.

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