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Who Is Deepak Boxer? Gangster wanted most In Mexico, Deepak Boxer is captured.

According to reports, the Delhi Police’s special cell squad recently captured one of the most wanted gangsters in Delhi, Deepak Phal “Boxer,” in Mexico. The Federal Bureau of Investigation assisted in the successful operation’s arrest. (FBI). According to reports, numerous Delhi Police teams were en route to Mexico to conduct a search mission for this most wanted gangster. The gangster fled after accepting blame for the murder of a builder in August 2022. Amit Gupta, a builder in Delhi, was reportedly shot by a “boxer,” according to accounts. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

According to media reports, Deepak oversaw the Gogi group. Jitendra Mann, the group’s previous leader, was assassinated on September 24, 2021. The Rohini Court complex is where the event happened. Two assailants shot and killed Jitendra Mann, also known as “gogi,” inside the building. In a police encounter in West Delhi, the assailants were put to death. According to the investigations, Amit Gupta reportedly had ties to the rival gang Tillu Tajpuria. In August 2022, Amit Gupta, 48, was shot multiple times near the municipal lines.

Who Is Deepak Boxer?

Investigations also revealed that Ankit Gulia, a sharpshooter for the Gogi gang headed by Deepak “Boxer,” murdered Amit Gupta. After a couple of days, Deepak “Boxer” admitted to killing the contractor. According to “Boxer,” Amit was associated with the Tillu group. The incident was an act of retaliation because Boxer thought Amit had given information to the authorities. Deepak Boxer, a resident of the Haryana town of Gannaur, was the subject of a 3 lakh rupee reward. He is connected to numerous homicide, robbery, and extortion crimes.

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Deepak’s fake passport, which was given to him on January 29, has now been discovered. According to accounts, Moradabad is where the fake passport was printed. According to reports, Boxer flew from India to Mexico in January under the name Ravi Antil. According to authorities, the gangster will be brought to India in a few days. A press conference would be conducted after that, according to the information. Delhi police have assisted the FBI with excellent results. Police are optimistic that additional claimed cases against the accused will be resolved. We’ll shortly give you more details about this case.

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