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Who is Babo Cartel De Santa? The video got much attention on Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube.

A group of Mexican musicians In the late 1990s, Babo Cartel De Santa, became known as a band. This group made up of people who used to sing, play music, and write songs with a band. The group’s name was first printed on different labels and was changed several times before it finally decided on. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Viral video of Babo Cartel de Santa

Eduardo Davalos was the main singer for the group, and Roman Rodriguez, also known as Rowan, was also a member. Even though Rowan hasn’t seen since the group broke up, Cartel is still one of the most well-known rappers. Can you tell us more about the rapper Cartel? Cartel started in 1999, but it didn’t get much attention until 2003.

Who is Babo Cartel De Santa?

Cartel De Santa’s first album to get much attention was Cartel De Santa, volume one. After that, many albums like Asesinos De Asesinos, Cannabis Sativa, La Peloton, etc., came out. Later that year, Cartel made another successful music video called “Perros,” which shown on MTV in Latin America. Cartel De Sanat’s volume two came out in 2004. It had songs like “La Llamada,” “Cronica,” and “blah blah blah.”

The most recent video of Babo Cartel de Santa has gone viral.

The band’s second album, Babo Regrsea, came out in 2008 and quickly became a hit after the singer got out of jail. Eduardo is in jail for 40 years because he accidentally killed one of his friends, which led to him being sent to jail. During the eight months he spent in jail, he wrote the lyrics for his fourth album, which also a huge hit.

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Later, after his wife paid a ransom of $8,000, the singer released on bail, and his prison sentence was eventually reduced. After he exited prison in January 2008, he started making music, and his first album came out that same month. As Eduardo went to jail and had to deal with problems, he underwent many changes, like building up his body and getting tattoos.

Wikipedia and a biography of the Santa

Eduardo said when talking about what happened that he meant to kill someone else, but the bullet hit his friend instead after hitting the floor, killing the wrong person. Viejo Marihuana, his most recent song, a light released in 2016. He got out of jail, and then

Eduardo released four albums, all of which did well enough to build a fan base. There are rumours that the band will get back together this year, but no one has confirmed the album’s date or name. After waiting for so long and taking a break for six years, the singer will surprise us. We haven’t heard anything from him.

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