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Who Is Babo Cartel De Santa? This video went viral on Twitter and Reddit!!

Cartel De Santa is a Mexican rap group that is talked about these days. This is because one of its members became famous on the internet for the wrong reasons. Babo and Rowan Rabia are now in charge of the Mexican rap group Cartel De Santa. They took over from Dharius, who used to be a member. The leader of the group is talking about the ongoing controversy right now. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!


Babo in the news because the supposed video of him that has spread like wildfire online can’t stop being made fun of. Online memes and posts have made about Babo’s video. Please keep coming back to see more information as we add it. Babo is the leader of the Cartel de Santa. He is a member of OnlyF and makes a lot of money there. The rapper said to have posted po*rnographic videos of himself on this platform and charged people to watch them.

A full-length video of the Santa

Reports say that the group’s leader filmed himself making se*xual advances toward a woman and posted the video to OnlyF. Soon after, the video came out on OnlyF. Even though it can only streamed privately, one of his fans shared it on social media. This video of him went viral very quickly, and people are now sharing it all over the internet. As soon as the video went online, fans went crazy and posted it repeatedly.

The Debate Over the Babo Cartel of Santa Video, 

Before this video put on OnlyF, a shortened version that left out all of the signs was put on YouTube. A lot of people watched this version online. Babo has an account on the website OnlyF, which says he charged people $50 to watch this video and get to his ad*ult video when he first put the uncut version online. No matter what, the video is now free to watch on the internet. On the other hand, Babo went crazy when his video went viral.

Link to a video for Babo Cartel de Santa

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After the Babo video shared online, fans went crazy and put it up everywhere. When the video was first posted, it was on Twitter, and other social media sites shared it. Like everything else that gets popular on the internet, this video has shared a lot and watched a lot. But people have also made fun of it. Babo pictures started to used in memes, and funny pictures of Babo started to shared online.

Talking about the video starts with women walking around in their underwear, and later, Babo seen cuddling up to one of the models. On Twitter, people made fun of Babo by posting videos and memes that made fun of him. While posting a video of Cardi B screaming, one user wrote, “I just saw the Babo video, and now I can’t stop seeing it.” Another person on Twitter said that the Babo video is a total mess and shouldn’t shared online. Another person said she had just watched the video and speechless at how widely it was being shared.

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