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What’s Lavluneee? In a viral video on Twitter and Reddit, Lavlune explained his claims about Hasan.

A streamer and an influencer who also streams are having a heated argument because the streamer says the influencer had s*x with a minor. Influencers Lavlunee and Hasan Ab, both streamers, at the center of the case being discussed here. Lavlunee had said earlier in her stream that Abu. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Lavluneee Video Viral

Who is also a streamer and had a se*ual relationship with a child that wasn’t right. This led to a lot of online rumors and the creation of groups where people could trade the two. Let’s look at what happened and what being said. Lavlunee said that Hasan Abi was having a se*ual relationship with one of her friends on her stream.

Even though Lav told everyone about the relationship, she didn’t say when it happened or who the friend was. However, she said that she was in a relationship with Abi, 24 years old, and the girl was only 17. As soon as word got out about the relationship, Abi began to trolled online for having a se*ual relationship with a minor. Abi also replied to it later.

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As soon as the details of their relationship came out, Abi decided to sue Lavlunee. Later, though, Abi said he wasn’t going out with Lavlunee’s 17-year-old friend. Abi was streaming online on November 14, 2022, when these messages started showing up on his screen. This made him angry and frustrated. Someone said the same thing on his Twitch channel.

He said he had never had a se*ual relationship with a minor. Abi said he would face Lavluneee in court and sue her for making false accusations against him. He also said he would sue her for this and meet her there in person. Lavlunee knew the girl that Abi was dating, but he said that he had never been in a relationship with a child.

Explanation of what Lavlune says about Hasan

He also said that the woman he was dating was 19, not a minor. He then said that he would permanently deny having any relationship with a child. Abi went on to say that the girl he was dating, also known as Lavlunee, said she was an ad*ult, older than 18, and was 19 at the time they were dating.

He went on to say that she was 19 years old at the time and that he was 24. Abi also noted that the accusations against Lavluneee were ridiculous, and he told her to double-check and make it clear. This clarification made the same day the influencer or streamer shared details about the relationship without knowing the whole story.

Lavluneee hasn’t said anything about Abi’s explanation, but it’s clear that Abi is ready to sue her for the false accusations she made against him. They must still explain their relationship or the law in their posts. The person Abi dated may brought into the limelight to set the record straight.

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