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What led to Sonni Balli’s demise, and how did he die?

What led to Sonni Balli’s demise, and how did he pass away? Is Sonni Balli deceased? The answer to this query is “yes.” Sonni Balli, a renowned figure in Ghanaian dancehall, passed away only recently, as we just heard.

Yes, word has spread that the old dancehall legend has died. Many individuals, including friends and family, lamented Sonni Balli’s passing. Follow our website, newsyblogy.com, for the latest updates!!!!!


This article written to give you some crucial details on Sonni Balli’s demise. Many people are thoroughly looking into Sonni Balli’s cause of death. If you fall into this category, stay on this website for a bit because all the essential information about Sonni Balli’s passing given below.

Later portions of this article may contain details about Sonni Balli’s age, birth date, cause of death, and other information. Let’s learn more about him.

Who was Sonni Balli, eh?

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Sonni Balli, also known as Sonny Kwabena Akoanor, was a legendary figure in Ghanaian dancehall music.

It has been reported that he interred in the UK one month after his death. Mark Darlington, a Facebook user, just commented about Sonni Balli’s passing and provided official confirmation of the event. According to a post, He passed away on Tuesday, July 12, 2022.

The reason for Sonni Balli’s passing

Peace be with you. Mark Darlington wrote on Facebook, “King Sonni Balli until we meet again.” However, it stated that the illustrious He passed away on July 9, 2022, on a Thursday. However, the exact cause of death remains unknown.

Sonni Balli thought to have died from a heart attack. When was Sonni Balli’s birth? The source claims that he died at the age of 41. The section after this one is where we’ll discover more about him.

Sonny Kwabena Akoanor was born on June 6, 1982. She choose to defy his parents’ wishes and linked up with a well-known music producer named Nana, although they never intended for him to become a singer.

Sonni Balli had already shown his singing ability when he was just nine years old, and he was just 17 when he started dating Nana. The source claims that his parents wanted him to become a doctor, but he made a different choice. Stay tuned.

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