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What is Google AdSense Highlighting for Publishers Owned by Underrepresented Groups?

Dear Partner,

As part of Google’s efforts to racial fairness, one of our purchasers, Display & Video 360, began emphasizing self-identified Black-owned publications within Marketplace in 2020. Because of this program, interested advertisers have allowed to strategically build ads that assist minority businesses.

Now, women-owned, Latino-owned, and LGBTQ+ publishers can participate in this initiative thanks to Display & Video 360’s expansion. The service that is offered by Display & Video 360 is a part of a larger initiative. That undertaken by Google to make our products more welcoming to all users and to make it simpler for users to locate and patronize underrepresented companies. Follow our website, newsyblogy.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

To be qualified to participate:

The publisher needs to have a Google Ad Manager or AdSense account. The publisher’s organization needs to majority-owned. Controlled by members of the group the publisher identifies with (for example, Black people, women, Latino people, or LGBTQ+ people).

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It is important to clarify that this initiative will not focus on content geared towards certain audiences; rather, it will promote enterprises that underrepresented groups own. Display & Video 360 does not enable advertisers to target their advertisements based on the target. Audience’s demographic characteristics such as racial or religious affiliation, ethnicity, or se*ual orientation.

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Bringing Attention to Publications Owned By Historically Underrepresented Groups | Google AdSense Error | Issue Adsense error fox

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