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Whale Hits Boat Video Goes Viral on Social Media!!

Whale Hits Boat Video Goes Viral on Social Media, Full Clip of Boat Flipping Near Kaikoura Leaks Online! Sad and shocking news: a fishing boat in Kaikoura carrying 11 bird watchers and five people died when it sank. The information was just put on the internet, and now it’s spreading through social networks. Many people shocked by the news currently being discussed in many places. The report says that five people died, and that the accident happened in New Zealand on September 10, 2022, a Saturday. The small charter boat they were on flipped over, and police think it may have been because it hit a whale. Six people saved from the ship. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Whale Hits Boat Video

The police said that the 8.5-meter boat capsized near Kaikoura, a city on the South Island. All of the bodies have found by police divers. As of right now, the police have said that they are looking into what happened and will be able to figure out what happened. Matt Boyce, a police sergeant in Kaikoura, said it was an unfortunate and unusual event. Boyce said, “Our thoughts with everyone involved, including the victims and their families, the people in their communities, and the people who work in crisis services.” He said all six survivors were stable at a local health center, and one taken to the Christchurch hospital to be safe. Read More: A video about JENNA ORTEGA went viral on Twitter and Reddit.

The mayor of Kaikoura City, Craig Mackle, told The Associated Press that the water calm at the time of the incident and that it thought that an animal had come up from under the boat. Mackle said there were sperm whales in the area and that humpback whales were passing through. Residents helped with recovery efforts all day, but the town seemed “sombre” because the water was frigid, and people worried about what would happen to anyone who fell overboard. Police say they are telling the families of the people who died in the accident what happened. Principal Detective Tracy Phillips noted that the agency “offers its sincere condolences and sympathies to the family members and friends of those who have died.”

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