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Watchman Part 1 Web series on ULLU App: Story, Cast, Release Date, Full Episode to Watch & Download

You can watch all of the Watchman Part 1 episodes online on the official Ullu app. Both fans and critics praised the way the web series was put together. On January 31, 2023, the first three episodes of the comedy-drama show came out. Fans used to like the Ullu web series because the actors were so good and the stories were so interesting.

The main characters in the Watchman Part 1 web series were played by Taniya Chatterjee, Arita Paul, Priya Gamre, and Pihu Singh. The Watchman Part 1 web series has five to six episodes, each 25 to 30 minutes long. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

The Ullu App lets you watch the Watchman Part 1 web series online. Before that, Nehal Vadoliya had important roles in the web series Imli, which Ullu App made. The Watchman was made the same way as the web series Jalebi Bai, about a bai in society.

Web Series Cast for Watchman

  • Priya Gamre as Mamta
  • Arita Paul as Chaya
  • Taniya Chaterjee as Tanu
  • Pihu Singh as Laali
  • Divyendra Singh as Amit
  • Parth Bartakke as Dev
  • Abhiraj Singh as Ravi
  • Vishesh Arora as Vinay

Web Series Watchman Episode 1 Story

In the first episode of the Watchman Part 1 web series, a watchman stares at the young women of the socialites. Something he saw in the trash bin gave him the wrong idea about what women are like. It talked about how there are many different kinds of women worldwide.

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Taniya Chatterjee plays Tanu, a well-known woman in the area whom we met. She accidentally drops her bra off the balcony and asks the Watchman to bring it to her gate. Watchman imagines a great romantic date with Taniya Chatterjee in the first scene.

The neighbourhood maid, Laali (Pihu Singh), was introduced in the second episode of the Watchman Part web series. The watchmen are trying to make an impression on her so that she will be ready for either one or both of them.

In another exciting scene, Pihu Singh and a watchman are in an empty room together as he moves toward her. During the night, the two watchmen also talked about how they might be able to get chicks from the building. While one was focused on Laali, the other was thinking about the three girls he could get.

In the third episode of the Watchman Part 1 web series, Priya Gamre tried to be with Watchman in the most dramatic way. The creators showed how much Priya Gamre didn’t like her marriage by having her do a video show for her husband and read a love letter from a watchman.

The whole Watchman Part 1 web series has been released. Episode 1 is the best because Taniya Chatterjee and Pihu Singh are so attractive in their roles. Ullu promises to create brand-new web series that are just as interesting as Watchman Part 1.

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