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Watch Secretary Part 2 from Ullu Web Series.

The official Ullu app is where you can watch all of the Secretary Part 2 web series episodes. Fans and reviewers liked the way the web series was made. The first four episodes of the comedy-drama show came out on March 17, 2023. Fans used to love Ullu web shows because the stories and actors were interesting.

Payal Patil, Poonam Rajput, and Smita Paul played the main parts in the Secretary Part 2 web series. The Secretary Part 2 web series has 4 to 6 parts, each 25 to 30 minutes long. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

On the Ullu App, you can watch all of the Secretary Part 2 web series episodes. Before, Ruks Khandagale, Leena Singh, and Alina Sen played key parts in the Ullu App web series Khidki. The Secretary web series is made the same way as many other office web series, in style almost like pulp fiction because the stories are linked.

Watch Secretary Part 2

Ullu’s Secretary Web Series Cast

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Payal Patil as Secretary Renu
Rohit Nigan as Ajay
Prince as Vinod
Ali Shaikh as CEO Mishra
Poonal Rajput as Sona, Ajay’s Girlfriend
Smita Paul as Ajay’s Customer

Secretary Part 2 Web Series Story

In the first episode of The Secretary Part 2, Vinod watches the secretary while she is blindfolded and waiting for CEO Mishra to come. He finds the best way to use the situation to his advantage. When he acts strange around Secretary Payal Patil, she notices something odd and starts to untuck herself.

She told him that he shouldn’t take advantage of her. But he used threats to get her to give in, and she did. Payal Patil gives us another exciting video with a different co-star. We see the credit rolls, and Payal Patil was worried about how much her husband drank.

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In episode 2 of the web series Secretary Part 2, Payal Patil, went to her husband’s shop to meet him. After a bit of small talk, she told him to stop drinking. He didn’t drink that night and got home on time and sober.

But Payal Patil called him and said she might be late because she has a lot of work. When she got here, Payal Patil and her husband gave us another exciting show. After competition from other local apps, the Ullu app started turning their pictures into gold.

In episode 3 of the Secretary Part 2 web series, the husband finds out about his wife’s whole secretary mess. This is a great ending. She chose to quit her job, but her boss kept coming to her house. Payal Patil fights at first but gives in because she wants the same thing.

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But when her husband comes home with a friend, he gets angry when he sees his wife with her boss. He was so angry that he even made his friend join the. The show showed us how ugly guys can be when they’re in these kinds of situations.

All of the Secretary Part 2 web series episodes have been revealed, with Payal Patil, Poonam Rajput, and Smita Paul in interesting roles. Ullu says it will bring out exciting new web shows like Secretary Part 2.

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