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Watch: Nana Patole video on YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter.

In a video gaining popularity online, Nana Patole, the state president of the Congress, supposedly seen. In this video, the woman seated across from the male, leaning on his shoulder.

Viral Full HD Video of Nana Patole

In a video posted on Twitter by BJP legislator Chitra Wagh, Nana Patole, a former minister and state leader of the Congress, was allegedly seen with a lady in an awkward posture. It has stated that we would take steps to stop this, just to be clear. However, the BJP has a plan to hurt everyone individually. Follow our website,newsyblogy.com, for the latest updates!!!!!!

Viral Videos of Nana Patole on Twitter and Reddit

A purportedly real video of Nana Patole, the Maharashtra Congress’ state president, is becoming viral online. According to the footage, He is the person in the background. This video, which purports to be from the Polo Orchid Hotel in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, shows a hotel groping incident. Regarding this video, BJP MP Chitra Wagh tweeted, “Kay Nana.” You are both a hatilat and a bush hill. The music of this well-known movie is “Kay Zadi, Kay Dongar, Kay Hatil,” a well-known Shahaji Bapu Patil phrase. In the video, you can see: that Chitra Vagh’s statements phrased in what way?

I startled when I initially saw the video after receiving it. Even though the video had extensively circulated online, I discovered when I checked it up that it was the state president of the Maharashtra Congress. According to Chitra Wagh, who spoke at the press conference, I tweeted the video and asked Nana about the details of the event, but I haven’t heard back yet.

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The Nana Patole Video became popular on several social networking sites. People usually look for her Video Original when looking up information about a video. Viral videos abound online, some of which are true, while others are based on rumours. On social media sites, the video Nana Patole Video Original is highly well-liked and garnered a lot of interest.

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