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Watch AP Gurukul School Principal Anandha Basu MMS Clip Go Viral.

In the last few days, a school principal has been in the news because a student took this leaked video and put it on the internet. According to the report, the principal accused of having a romantic relationship with one of his staff members and one of his teachers. He also said to have abused other people and seen doing inappropriate things in his office. The video of the principal went viral on social media, and now the state’s education officials are dealing with the situation. People are sharing the video all over YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. The principal also attacked on Twitter. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Anandha Basu Video

According to the reports, teachers and students from the school mistreated and attacked the school’s principal. He also knows at least one member of the staff. This happened because a student at an elementary school in Andhra Pradesh caught the principal doing something shocking and embarrassing and put the video on the internet. The students said that the principal had hit and verbally abused them twice at a nearby police station, and now there is proof of this on the internet. You can see how he looks in the video of a private conversation between the school principal and one of his staff members.

People in the area were furious about what happened, and a report says that the principal has also fired. The event occurred at the Urdu Boarding School in the village of Masulipattinam in the Krishan District of the state of AP. The headmaster named Anandha Basu, who was 48 years old. Basu, the school’s principal, was friends with the school’s computer administrator, and the two of them had a short conversation in the principal’s office. According to a different report, the principal liked to talk privately with other teachers in the student hostel rooms.

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The report says that the principal had many inappropriate relationships with staff. Students who knew about what the principal did film it and put it online. One of the students took the video through the hole they found in the room that looked like the classroom where Basu and his teacher were having private time. The student showed the video to his friends very quickly. After a few minutes, the principal saw the student filming the video and gave them another beating. Since the press can now know the principal’s face, he also being attacked online and in the area.

Police in Machilipatnam has taken the principal into custody after he accused of assault and abuse. He is now in police custody. Officials in charge of education in the district also said that the school had fired their teacher. They will also watch out for the principal, who has also been on leave. They also said they would talk to the students, teachers, and people in the area about the principal. The police are looking into the matter in the area.

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