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Walkman Ullu Web Series Cast Riddhima Tiwari

The next Ullu series will called the Walkman web series. The Ullu app keeps to its plan of putting out two web series videos every week. Even though Charmsukh Tapan Part 2 is coming out on Tuesday, they have finally released the trailer for their new web series, Walkman.

The Walkman web series will come out on September 30, 2022. Riddhima Tiwari played the main role in the web series, and other actors played essential parts. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

With her many web series, actress Riddhima Tiwari is getting a lot of attention on local OTT platforms. After playing Jalebi Bai in the Ullu web series with the same name, the actress became a big deal. One of the most extended Ullu web series, Jalebi Bai, was split into three parts.

We expect the Walkman web series to come out in two or three parts, with Riddhima Tiwari and all of her co-stars appearing in more than one scene. Also, Riddhima Tiwari and the actress who plays her sister-in-law may have some girl-on-girl action.

Walkman Ullu Web Series Watch Online

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The preview for the web series Walkman, which stars Riddhima Tiwari, is very racy. Riddhima Tiwari starts by listening to a story on her Walkman. The Walkman Ullu trailer shows us more about what the show will be like.

For example, Riddhima Tiwari will have intimate scenes with her husband in Suhaagraat Scene. When her sister-in-law asked about the night, she said, “It’s good to make them feel like a winner.”

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The husband talks to his friends about how to make his wife happy if she doesn’t find love elsewhere. We see men coming up to Riddhima Tiwari, who just got married, almost luring her. There’s a milkman, a shopkeeper, a young brother-in-law, and even her sister-in-law.

Fans of the Walkman web series are excited about it and can’t wait for it to come out on the Ullu app.

Walkman Web Series Release Date

As promised, the Walkman web series will come out on September 30, 2022. Riddhima Tiwari was chosen for the web series because they work well together in the web series Jalebi Bai.

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Riddhima Tiwari has been in a lot of different roles on other platforms. She is in the Rajni Official Kaand web series on Cineprime and the Vasu web series on Prime play, among others. Riddhima Tiwari should be in another exciting Ullu web series project.

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