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Vladislava Shelygina Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, and Viral Video!!

Vladislava Shelygina was born in Russia on February 8, 2001. She is a model, an influencer, and an ad*ult star. She just turned 20. Vladislava is a beautiful, charming young woman who loves to work out and is very passionate about life. She is famous because of her work in the adult industry and on social media sites. She occasionally posts her different videos and photos on her official channels. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Even though she has only been working in this field for a few years, Vladislava has many fans and is becoming well-known quickly.

Her Facebook page says that she lives and spends time in Jakarta, Indonesia, even though she has a home in Finland. She grew up just like any other bubbly little girl would have. She learned a lot of skills as she grew up, like how to cook, take pictures, and sew. Vladislava has never talked about what she studied in college, but she has said that after she moved to Finland, she went to the Rauman Normaalikoulu School in Seminaarinkatu, Rauma.

When you look at Vladislava’s face, you might think she is shining in the sun because her skin is so light. Her hair is also very smooth and shiny. Miss Vladislava has maintained a slim waist and kept her body in good shape. She has never had plastic surgery to change the way she looks. Everything about her is as it was born. As part of her daily workout routine, she does yoga and other light exercises daily and always eats foods high in protein.

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Ilya Rayta, real name, announced on Vk.com that he is dating Vladislava and posted a photo of the two of them together. Ilya Rayta is 28 years old and was born on March 10, 1993. He lives in Helsinki, Finland. Also, even though they are in a relationship, neither has ever been married nor had a child. Vladislava posted a photo on May 17, 2020, that looks like it was taken with her husband while making dumplings, but it is still unclear if they are married or not.

Viral Videos & Pictures Of Vladislava Shelygina

On OnlyF, many celebrities have made a name for themselves by working hard and putting their best videos and photos forward. Vladislava Shelygina is one of these models who works hard and has gained fame and a considerable following through her work. When her pictures went viral online, she got a lot of attention.

People on the internet wanted to know more about her after her pictures went viral on social media. The posts could be found online through the model’s OnlyF page. Please keep reading to learn about the photos of Vladislava Shelygina that have gone viral on Twitter because they were leaked. Vladislava Shelygina is a popular model for OnlyF, and her pictures are why. This model started with a tiny number of subscribers.

Rebecca already said that she gives her followers the most beautiful photos and videos and keeps in touch with them in a friendly way. When asked about her personal life, model Rebecca or Vladislava said she has two daughters, ages 11 and 4. She also said that the mother of two had to deal with problems before she started her career on Onlyf.

Currently, Rebecca has posted hundreds of tweets under the same name she uses on OnlyF. In her bio. She says that she is a model who likes cats. Rebecca has posted 800 high-resolution pictures and 10 videos on her OnlyF page. As of right now, she has over 202.1k likes. She kept paying $9.38 monthly for her subscription, which will now cost her $22.50 in three months.

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