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Van Brisbon: Humble Tx 16-year-old shot and killed – Victim Arrested In with killing charges

Who is Van Brisbon? 16-year-old shot and murdered in Humble, Texas — Victim arrested. Charges of murder have fill: A horrific event involving a stepfather shooting and killing his stepdaughter has been informed. This story has got a lot of attention on the news networks. In addition, the stepfather has arrest. According to sources, the accused man’s name is Van Brisbon, and he was the one who shot and murdered his stepdaughter, Lauren Juma. Many unanswered mysteries exist, like why Brisbon killed Juma and what may have caused this unfortunate tragedy. Follow More Information on Newsyblogy.com

Who is Van Brisbon?

It is an old man who is 60 years of age, while the victim Lauren Juma was 16 years of age. As per the reports, this incident occurred at 20407 Canton Trace Lane at around 1:00 AM. Harris County cops didn’t get some margin to arrive at the scene and kept the suspect or Van Brisbon. Officers first went into the house and analyzed any further risk. They further continued in the wake of arranging Lauren dead from weapon wounds. As per the representatives, Van Brisbon and Lauren Juma were the main two individuals at the hour of the homicide inside the home. So we should be aware of Van Brisbon and victim Lauren Juma.

Van Brisbon Humble Tx girl 16-year-old shot dead.

As per the reports, the captured man is the stepfather of late Lauren Juma, who was a researcher in a secondary school. Supposedly, representatives arrested him on Friday. However, Lauren was a sophomore at Nimitz High School in the interim. As per the reports, her genuine mother named Laurie Young left her with her sister; however, preceding Lauren’s sister and cops would get into the house, they heard two discharges that were terminate inside the 20400 block of Canton Trace. Kindly read down the following segment to get more familiar with this news.

As per the Harris County cops, Who shot Lauren in the head while her pants had pulled down to her lower legs. Since individuals have heard the insight about Lauren Juma’s homicide, they are anxious to find out about her normal guardians. Notwithstanding, we must be familiar with her regular mother; however, there is no report regarding Juma’s normal dad. In the interim, Lauren’s 19 years of age sister was the person who called 911 to illuminate the police about the episode.

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