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Ullu’s Shahad Part 2 cast, Release date, and online streaming!!

The best Indian online series across genres continue to produce by the Ullu app. Priya Game, a breakout star who has appeared in numerous Ullu online series over the past couple of years, makes the Shahad Part 2 video series an easy money grab. They also released the teaser for Shahad while the Charmsukh Tapan online series is set to premiere.

Priya Gamer’s search for a hot, passionate relationship in the hamlet continues in Shahad Part 2. Even the explanation for choosing the name Shahad for the web series was disclose in the brief trailer. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Varun Saggar, Prashant Rai, Manju Agarwal, and Priya Game are feature in the Shahad Part 2 online series. If you’re a fan of Priya Gamer’s superb acting and endearing screen presence, check out our list of excellent Priya Game web series.

Shahad The Ullu online series received a tremendous amount of support from viewers, and as a result, more program seasons will produced. Fans are anticipating more Ullu Web Series announcements in the meanwhile. Read More: 61–62, Pyaar Ki Tadap Discover the Digi Movieplex characters, narrative, and episodes now.

Shahad Part 2 Web Series Details

  • Title – Shahad Part 2 Ullu
  • Cast – Priya Gamre
  • Genre – Drama
  • Type – Web Series
  • Director – Punit
  • Release Date – 23th September 2022
  • OTT Platform –Ullu App
  • Language – Hindi
  • Country – India

Release Date for the Ullu Web Series, Shahad Part 2

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A minute-long teaser trailer for the web series, released by the Ullu app, reveals what viewers might expect. Shahad Part 2 picks off from where Season 1 left off. Priya Game is depict wooing and consoling her brother-in-law.

Additionally, the trailer hinted at numerous moments between Varun Saggar and Priya Game. We also watch more of Priya Gamer’s sequences centered on adultery. Read More: Charmsukh Tapan Season 1 Episodes on Ullu App Look at the actress’ Instagram, Roles!!

On the Ullu app, you may watch the entire second part of the web serial Shahad. The premiere date for the online series is September 23, 2022.

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