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The viral video that made Vhong Navarro a household name

This includes his age, wife’s name, net worth, and Wikipedia page and biography. Vhong Navarro, the dancer, was born in the Philippines on January 4, 1977. As a member of the Filipino dance group Street Boyz and for his role in the television series Toda Max, he shot to stardom as a dancer, singer, actor, and comedian. Vhong Navarro is a Capricorn, as predicted by astrology. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Who is Vhong Navarro?

On September 16, 2014, a court in Taguig set the bond sum for Lee, Raz, and Cornejo set at PHP 500,000. He separated from Lalaine Bianca Lapus in 2008. His two offspring named Isaiah and Frederick. Tanya Winona Bautista the next person he dated.

Deniece Cornejo accused of raping Navarro on April 10, 2014, but the Department of Justice declined to press charges. The DOJ issued a warrant for Cornejo and Lee’s arrest a week later. Lee and his partner arrested on April 26 in Oras, Eastern Samar. On May 5, Cornejo reported to Camp Crame.

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Popular TV host Vhong Navarro has been facing charges of rape and lewdness since last week, and the court has yet to dismiss them. He’s still struggling, and everyone around him has been through hell. Because Deniece Cornejo alleged se*ual harassment and assault against the actor, he has become a viral topic online. A 26-page report by Associate Judge Florencio M. Mamaaug wasn’t enough to overturn the actor’s conviction.

The male actor’s career and reputation hit him after he accused of many violations. Celebrity product endorser Deniece promotes herself as a victim of heat crimes.

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Vhong has recently become a keynote speaker at inspirational gatherings. They both attended De La Salle University, and she has aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur. As a result of abundant evidence and a shortage of proof, penalties imposed here.

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