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The viral CABO FIGHT VIDEO on Twitter and Reddit

When she tragically passed, an American woman named Shanquella Robinson CABO FIGHT VIDEO was visiting Mexico with her friends. Reports indicate that the lady who on vacation the day she died reported it. Robinson, who was far from her loved ones on her final day, called her mom to tell her goodbye. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!


Many people also found the cause of death to be baffling. Afterward, reports were filed, and the cause of death determined. Robinson’s death mysterious because he showed no signs of having been hurt. Let’s look at one of the videos showing her abused and learn more about this issue. Robinson, a 25-year-old woman, passed away in Mexico while on vacation with her friends.

She was American, and her untimely demise was a puzzle. Once Robinson’s body had pronounced dead and found in her living room, her loved ones were informed of her passing. Several mysteries surrounded her untimely death. While away, Robinson got through to her mother one last time the day before she passed away. This is Salamander Robinson. Sanquella Robinson’s mother said she contacted about her daughter.


Sadly, her daughter passed away after a while. Salamander continues by saying she has filed a lawsuit since she disagrees with her daughter’s friends’ accusations. Salamdnor and Bernard Robinson are unhappy with their daughter’s friends’ assertions. One unreliable source claims that Robinson drank himself to death. Following a tip from Robinson’s parents to the FBI,

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There a formal complaint lodged. There were several fractures in Robinson’s lumbar vertebrae, the first in her spinal column, and this may have been the cause of her death, as shown by post-autopsy analysis. Robinson passed away at 3 o’clock in the afternoon; 15 minutes later, paramedics arrived. Robinson pronounced dead at the scene despite CPR efforts.

A young woman found dead in a hotel room in Mexico.

A video of Robinson getting into it with a woman has just gone famous online. Tweets show her half-na*ked and engaged in a physical altercation with a lady who appears to be assaulting her. The woman in the video quickly dispatched Robinson with a vicious beating. Multiple witnesses captured the assault and distributed the videos online. The video evidence exposed the recorders as being self-aware participants.

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