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The next self-driving Sony-Honda EV will have a PS5 built right in!


  • Sony and Honda could work together to make a new self-driving EV with a PS5 built right into it.
  • The upcoming electric vehicle will be all about passenger entertainment and have a PS5 as part of its infotainment system.
  • The self-driving EV will come out in 2025, and people will start getting them in 2026.

Sony and Honda may be working on a new electric vehicle (EV) that can drive itself and has a PlayStation 5 built right in. The two Japanese giants joined forces earlier this year and decided to use their combined technological skills to make a sustainable product for moving around. The product might like Sony’s VISION-S idea, which was shown at CES 2022. The two businesses plan to show off a finished product in 2025 and take orders immediately. It expected that deliveries will start in 2026. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

The PS5 will built into the Sony Honda EV!

The Sony-Honda joint venture could soon lead to a Level 3 self-driving electric vehicle. It could also have a full-fledged PlayStation 5 built right into it. Reports say that a PS5 could made into the entertainment system of the electric car that would come from the partnership between the two Japanese giants.

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Izumi Kawanishi, President of Sony Honda Mobility, said it is “technically possible” in response to the question. Kawanshi says that the new EV will be a fun place to because most of the driving will be done by the car itself. In a statement, Yasuhide Mizuno, chairman of Sony Honda Mobility, said that the goal was to “develop a car as hardware that will support the entertainment and network we want to offer.”

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Sony, a big name in technology, and Honda, which has been making cars for a long time, are working together to create an electric vehicle that can drive itself and will sold in the US in the next few years. The mechanical parts of the new EV will made by Honda, while Sony will make the electronics. The car will have all the sensors and technology built in that needed for self-driving. The goal of the JV is to compete with Tesla and Lucid in the US market. The upcoming EV could seen as one of the more high-end options for the more expensive end of the market.

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