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The footage of a passenger punching an American Airlines flight attendant went viral online.

There’s a film doing the rounds online that’s quite intriguing and has attracted thousands of watchers. This is a violent and chaotic scene captured on camera aboard an American Airlines plane, with a passenger hitting a flight attendant. After the customer began striking the flight attendant, he allegedly attacked him with his fist, taking the situation to a dangerous new level. The traveler held for questioning after apprehended. The flight was planned to depart from LA. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Video of Customer Attacking Flight Attendant on American Airlines

The length of the clip is roughly 42 seconds. The man was physically assaulting the flight attendant on the international trip and was charge with multiple crimes. There were 377 passengers on board aircraft 377. It had left Mexico and was in the last stages of preparation for release when the accident occurred. Once the plane touched down, the authorities took the passenger into custody. We do not know the victim’s identity or the specific motivation for the attack.

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He questioned the flight attendant in first class, “Are you trying to threaten me?” On Thursday, other people on the plane report what happened, and the information forwarded to the authorities. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is leading the inquiry. Fortunately, no one on the flight hurt. An American Airlines representative answered that the company does not condone violence against its employees and that such attacks will not tolerated.

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On behalf of the passengers, they intend to take legal action. According to the head of another aviation association, flight attendants had a rough day because they had to deal with many different concerns and issues. They’ve had a strict schedule, and now they see these concerns. The American Airlines flight extreme danger posed to everyone on board the flight, and other lives may have lost due to the incident. The passenger had been arguing with the flight attendant over the quality of service he was receiving.

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