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The Final Book in Alexandra Daddario’s Mayfair Witches Saga

There is a shared universe between Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles and her novel The Mayfair Witches. Alexandra Daddario plays a role in the film.

AMC Networks is betting the farm on Anne Rice. While the famous writer of gothic fantasy novels will no longer be with us after her death in 2021, it looks that a significant television adaptation of her writings is in the works. One of them will be a film adaptation of Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches starring Alexandra Daddario. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Following the cancellation of critically acclaimed and widely watched shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Halt and Catch Fire, AMC has been at a loss to replace them with a new flagship series (since various Walking Deads are looking a little zombie-like). Mayfair Witches the studio’s second adaptation of Anne Rice’s famous shared universe of vampires, witches, and different demons.

The Mayfair Witches, the follow-up to Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, will be released in October 2022. What we do know about the program at the moment is as follows:


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Alex Daddario will play the significant role of Dr. Rowan Mayfair. Daddario will play the neurosurgeon who discovers her ancestors practiced witchcraft and sorcery and that she had a horrific birth. She has just finished filming the second season of The Girlfriend Experience for Starz, which follows the critically acclaimed HBO anthology series The White Lotus, created by Mike White.

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Rowan, characterized as stunningly beautiful and authoritative, removed from her parents as a child and reared by distant relatives. Who shielded her from her family’s harrowing and terrible past.


At the beginning of May 2022, word got out that a superb character actor had cast in the TV adaptation of Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches. TV Line and other outlets report that Jack Huston will play Lasher. According to the official series description, he is a “powerful, shape-shifting creature that has connected to the Mayfair witches for hundreds of years.”

Huston is well-known for his tragic role as Richard Harrow on the HBO series Boardwalk Empire. Subsequently, he rose to prominence for his performance as crooked investigator Odis Weff in the fourth season of the crime thriller Fargo.

THE MAYFAIR WITCHES adapted from three books by Anne Rice.

The Mayfair Witches will be based on Anne Rice’s Life of the Mayfair Witches series, which consists of three novels and various crossovers with her other major series about melancholy vampires (but more on that in a minute).

The Mayfair Witches centers on the titular family, a group of immensely affluent eccentrics living in New Orleans (where most of Rice’s books situated). The tone is between a supernatural soap opera like Dark Shadows and the dark Southern Gothic of writers like Tennessee Williams (known for his use of emotional suppression and lengthy monologues).

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When Dr. Rowan Mayfair (the show’s protagonist) travels to Louisiana to visit his family’s ancestral house, he runs into strange happenings, such as ghosts with strong sexual urges and children with half-human DNA. Everything seems to be getting quite dramatic, so it will be fascinating to see how far AMC takes the material.

The worlds of The Vampire Chronicles and The Mayfair Witches are congruent.

The Vampire Chronicles, her more well-known series, takes place in the same universe as The Mayfair Witches. Characters like Merrick and settings like Blackwood Farm have appeared in several books and referenced in others. There have been numerous cinematic adaptations of The Vampire Chronicles. Including Interview with the Vampire (starring Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Kirsten Dunst) and Queen of the Damned (starring Aaliyah).

Due to AMC’s decision to revive the vampire portion of the Riceverse (we’re going with that name), it seems inevitable that there will be some crossovers between Interview with the Vampire Chronicles and The Mayfair Witches.


It is presently uncertain when AMC will telecast Anne Rice’s The Mayfair Witches. We know that work on the eight-episode series begun, and a premiere in 2023 is planned. A solid schedule expected to finalized very soon.

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And because the second series in the network’s intention to construct a complete universe based on Rice’s books have already revealed. We’ll have to wait to find out when Interview with the Vampire will released, too. There will also the talk of Anne Rice’s villainous bad boy Lestat de Lioncourt. Who has always a fan favourite, getting his movie (who already announced to be played by Sam Reid).

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