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The complete Lulo Cafe Twitter video has leaked on Social Media!!

The Lulo Cafe Twitter video has gone viral on social media, and the whole clip has leaked online. Metro FM DJ Lulo Cafe shut down his social media accounts after a well-known journalist, Musa Khawula, posted a racy picture of a man thought to be him on social media. Khawula put up the video early in the week and said someone he knew gave it to him. It’s not clear if Khawula was talking about one of his friends or one of Lulo’s friends. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Lulo Cafe Twitter Video

The caption on a picture of a man drying his towels after taking a shower reads, “Lulo Cafe on 4K.” The camera hidden behind the man’s bed, with his back to the shower. Others who followed him on Twitter and knew about the scandal talked about the account of a blogger. Then he was kick off Twitter. After he shared naked videos of someone else without their permission. Which is against Twitter’s rules and terms of service, his account closed.

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The DJ, whose real name is Sikhululo Maliwa, tweet on Wednesday night, “I devastated. I can’t fight anymore. I’m sorry.” Since the video was first released, people have been concerned about his safety. When they saw the tweet, they became even more worried. Many people on Twitter are concerned that the leak could have done on purpose and hurt DJs’ mental health and personal lives.

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What is Lulo Cafe?

“I’m fine, and I was just sorry to those I’ve hurt… “Give me some time, and I’ll be fine,” the man said before he shut down the account. His Instagram account still being used, as people started leaving encourage comments on his posts. Lulo co-hosts The Naked DJ with a reality TV DJ and is the host of MetroFM’s Radiogasm show (Quinton Masina). He is like a father to him and teaches young artists at the Lulo Arts Academy.

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