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Thavamai Thavamirundhu: Priya hits Ravi.

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Zee Tamil just debuted a new program called Thavamai Thavamirundhu. The narrative centers on an elderly couple named Markandeyan and Parvathy, who have dedicated their lives to giving their children a better life. When Markandeyan retired, events changed. The unseen story of the elderly couple and the issue they encounter is the central theme of the serial. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Neelantkan and his kid previously visited Markandeyan’s house to express their gratitude. Sita was prepared to welcome their kids into her home. Sita demands something from the kids. She instructed Uma to make amends to Priya. Malar declined to cohabitate with Pandi. Raja and Revathi decided against it.

In today’s episode, Markandeyan and Sita reverse course after learning that their kids must prepare to adhere to Sita’s request. Thanichalam, Malar, Revathi, Uma, and Raja collaborate. Revathi suggests resolving the issue.

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The magician pays a visit to Markandeyan’s house per Revathi’s plan. A magician performs an act for them in exchange for payment. Markandeyan warns him. The magician requests that they gather the specific person’s clothing, hair, and footprints. Revathi plucks Markandeyan’s hair for pooja.

Raja receives Markandeyan’s footprint as well. Malar, on the other hand, wins Pandi’s shirt. Uma deliberately fights Ravi to take his hair and clothing. They now have all they require. They compete with them. Read More

When they perform pooja, Markandeyan warns them. The following day, Ravi and Priya got into a heated dispute. They believe that everything is due to the pooja. Ravi becomes agitated. He assaults Priya.

Markandeyan will play a disabled character in a future episode. As a mental, Ravi will function. What is Raja doing now?

Malar and Pandi might want to live together.

Will Markandeyan pay Raja’s money? Will Markandeyan and Sita leave the house?

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