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Student leaders in Rajasthan touch females’ feet to garner their votes in a viral video.

During the National Students Union of India (NSUI) elections, candidates for leadership positions at Rajasthan University were saw patting the feet of other students to get their votes. People on social media have paid much attention to a similar video. One time, people from the Central University student union in Baran, Rajasthan, got down on their knees in front of the students and asked for help. Everyone, there was surprise by what they saw. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

The video clip was put on Twitter by the @invisibleIndia account. It quickly became viral online. In the now-viral video, leaders of student unions can seen pleading with graduates to vote for them. As the women begged them, their arms were crush under their boots. Many people said what they thought about the situation, and their thoughts got a lot of attention. Read More: Happy Bhavsar Nayak died. The 45-year-old Gujarati actress’ family, movies, and funeral.

“That is how politics are for people whose main tool is education. “But those people would rather roll on their backs than teach their friends about logic, right and wrong, and good and bad,” said one user. Do you think you can guess what will happen in the future? The student leaders of each party have used different strategies to get other students to support their positions. After showing a video of a large group of students protesting without the legal right to do so, the police used lathi charges. Read More: What killed Savage Studios’ Steven Sigala? A Youtuber’s death, obituary, and funeral video!!

This past Friday was the first Rajasthan Students Union Election 2022 in two years. People can vote to start at eight in the morning. Counting votes will begin on Saturday morning, and results will come in slowly in the afternoon. Since a video showed student leaders in Rajasthan stroking girls’ feet to get their votes, the problem has got much attention. People are talking about it and giving their thoughts and opinions, making it one of the most talked-about topics online. Read More: Robert Harris’s wife, Tanisha She’s… Missouri prosecutors charge an ex-elder with killing his wife.

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