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Stetson Bennett arrest video is available on social media.

At some point, Georgia Stetson Bennett, a former player, felt pressure to be in the public eye. What gives? Twitter users are sharing a video like crazy. Yes, a video of him is getting him a lot of attention. Also, the clip has led to talk of an ex-quarterback being arrested. According to the video that went viral on Twitter, former Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett was arrested. Stetson Bennett was arrested for being drunk, the video says. But is this true? In the next parts of this article, it is confirmed and made clearer. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Stetson Bennett Arrest Video

According to the media source, Stetson Bennett was arrested on Sunday morning and charged with being drunk in public. In terms of date and time, it happened early on a Sunday morning. Also, this former Georgia quarterback was found in Texas and was getting ready for the NFL Draft when Texas police arrested him. The video of it went everywhere. But because of what he did, NFL player Stetson Bennett was arrested and jailed.

After police reports came out, we found out Stetson Bennett, the former Georgia quarterback was accused of knocking on doors in a Dallas neighborhood at 6:10 am on a Sunday. The police were then called to the area in Dallas, where they found that the suspect, Stetson Bennett, was drunk. Bennett was arrested by the police and taken to the City Detention Center. Online, a lot of people watched the video of what happened. In the meantime, it got people’s attention on the Internet on Sunday afternoon. The video shows officers beating Stetson Bennett while he is on the ground.

Stetson Bennett Arrest Reason And Charges

Unofficial reports say that the videos being shared on social media have nothing to do with the arrest of Stetson Bennett. Instead, old footage from 2017 shows the arrest of Los Angeles Rams quarterback Baker Mayfield. It’s a video from a dashcam. In 2017, Baker was picked up in Arkansas. People were fooled when the story came back on the internet and was linked to Stetson Bennett’s arrest.

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