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Slim Jxmmi was charged after coming near to SukiHana.

Slim Jxmmi and Sukihana were seen together in photos now on the Internet. One of them showed the back of Sukihana’s leg, and the next one seemed to offer the rapper twerking on Jxmmi. Jxmmi’s ex-girlfriend Kee, on the other hand, said that she didn’t like the photos in an Instagram story where she said that Rae Sremmurd is blocked on her phone. Most people know Kee as Slim Jxmmi’s child’s mother. After saying that the pictures were shared, Kee said, “He’s blocked for a reason.” There is no way for people to change. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Learning not to feel bad about how he treats me and to stop making excuses. More than anything else, I love myself, my son, and my PH balance. Kee said she would still send them her best wishes because Jxmmi needed the same kind of help last year. After Kee’s Instagram story went viral, Sukihana posted a picture of her missing front tooth on Instagram. She also wrote, “Mine’s already out,” referring to Kee’s teeth being knocked out.

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The Sukihana Drama is looked at in the middle of a new online trend.

Several pictures of Slim Jxmmi and Sukihana posted online recently have gone viral. One showed the back of Sukihana’s leg, and another showed the rapper twerking on Jxmmi. On the other hand, Jxmmi’s ex-girlfriend Kee didn’t like the photos and wrote on Instagram that she had blocked the Rae Sremmurd rapper. Kee, also known as Kiara, is the mother of Slim Jxmmi’s children. Kee said that he was blocked for a reason and that the pictures had been shared for a reason. People don’t change at all.

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I had to stop making excuses for how he treated me and making myself feel bad. I care more about my PH balance, my son, and myself. Last year, Jxmmi needed the same kind of help, so Kee sent them his best wishes. After Kee’s story went viral, a picture of Sukihana without her front tooth went viral on Instagram. Sukihana also said that Kee’s teeth had been knocked out and wrote, “Mine have already been taken out.” In June 2022, a video of Kee went viral. In it, she said that Slim Jxmmi attacked her while she was filming him.

She said that she had been abused at home, which badly affected her mental health. Kee shared an audio recording of the rapper’s manager telling Kee not to tell the police. The post says that Jxmmi’s management asked her to protect him so that it wouldn’t hurt his career. Because of domestic abuse, Kee had problems with her mental health. Even though Kee knew Jxmmi had been mistreating her for a long time, she didn’t say anything because she loved him and hoped he would change.

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Some pictures she posted showed how hurt she was, like one where one of her teeth was missing. Kee posted screenshots that showed Jxmmi admitting to hurting her physically. Kee told Jxmmi in text messages that he would kill her and their son. The rapper then shared a video of him taking custody of their son. The posts were taken down later. Slim Jxmmi was arrested last year after he was said to have attacked Kee. After he was charged with battery, a $1,500 bond was set to let him go.

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