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Shreya Mehta romances Jahnvi Ravat in College Romance Season 3

S3 of College Romance is not at all Desi. TVF has chosen the appropriate audience for the information it produces. The material type has undergone some significant alterations in College Romance Season 3. Every time they experiment, they employ Deepika’s character since she is a youthful, self-assured, and independent woman.

Fans enjoy the slow-burning chemistry between Deepika (Shreya Mehta) and Raavi in College Romance Season 3 (Jahnvi Ravat). Their first encounter felt natural, and every time they shared a screen, there was obvious se*ual tension. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

The time had finally come for them to lock lips. I’ve always been curious about how TVF portrays LGBTQIA romance. They could emphasize amusement instead of se*iness or heighten the romantic atmosphere. Deepika and Raavi’s romance was the main focus in the past three episodes.

Shreya Mehta and Jahnvi Ravat share a kiss

As Raavi approached her in the rain, the scene’s creators dramatically portrayed the incident. Shreya Mehta’s monologue about her preferences and difficulty in figuring out her interest was an intriguing example of acting that we saw.

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Raavi kissed Deepika’s lips after saying that the only way to know was to check. After being provoked, Deepika gave a lengthy, passionate kiss. The scene illustrates the uncertainty one could feel about their se*uality.

Even the viewers of College Romance Season 3 persuaded that they adored this Shreya arc. Additionally, they had anticipated that the creators might investigate this further during the runtime. The College Romance S3 fight scene skillfully executed and demonstrates Deepika and Raavi’s chemistry.

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Given its positive reception from both reviewers and viewers, it appears that College Romance Season 4 will air in 2019. Jahnvi Ravat’s inclusion is a wise choice for the creators.

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