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Sedat Peker and Cem Kucuk’s video goes viral on Twitter and Instagram!!

In this article, we’ll specifically talk about a movie that’s trending on social media. Twitter, and that had the goal of eradicating racism. When we talk about Kaan, you and the LGBT-themed films come to mind. He was an AK Party member who ran for deputy in the second Izmir district, but he also had goals. You are the one who isn’t interested in these things now, those who had the LGBT insertion. Peker Sedat Follow our website, newsyblogy.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

However, some pictures of Sedat Peker in the post are trending on the Twitter account. Please tell us the complete story. Briefly, Sedat Peker posted inflammatory photographs on Twitter, which are trending. It is well known that Azam Khan’s CEO is maintaining this posture while also considering the present situation. The brief video clip in which he reacts to the caustic critic Cem Kucuk has reportedly gone viral.

Who is Cem Küçük?

The ultimate objective had been these two stars, and Kucuk has been promoting the composition under that label. On social media at large, The States Taught Traitors an Infinite Lesson. A few small notes dotted throughout it are pertinent if you haven’t read the full article. He also spoke in advance to the media and its allies. He said that because they were the justice, Dogan and I did our utmost.

This affected the occasion celebration and the celebration as a whole. That is why you should interpret it favorably. He also speaks about others who saw themselves as members of the organization and terrorists, which they had been approving. If someone is trying to propagate misleading information, it is not required in this case to look for the mainstream media. They frequently claim that the Dogan feto and PKK media are independent of the terrorist group.

Sedat Peker Cem video

Sedat Peker released gay images on his Twitter account. That he said belonged to hlas Holding CEO Rasim Kaan Aytolu. According to speculation, Peker released the video in response to Cem Küçük’s TGRT comment. He is bluffing and has nothing. The famed journalist Cem Küçük’s ultimate targets are Aydn Doan and the Doan media team. The State Taught Traitors a Lesson! is the title of Kuchuk’s article.

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Sedat Peker Cem Küçük’s viral Twitter video

Here are some excerpts from Küçük’s piece that he earlier sent to Doan Media and its partners. “Mr. Dogan, here we are. It would help if you benefited from the Justice and Development Party (AKP) defecting. I’ll tackle your matter on my own, Aiden Dogan. You will no longer communicate with the PKK or the FET, two terrorist organizations. Anyone who thinks these two terrorist groups are legitimate has no business working in the mainstream media.

Legal repercussions may follow anyone using the Doan Media to spread false information and claim that the FET and PKK are not terrorist organizations. Let’s examine it together. If you have schizophrenia, you could believe that you reside in Turkey, where the Hürriyet is in authority. You have received our mercy up to this point. Küçük labeled his reaction to Hakan’s complaint as “sarcasm” to justify himself.

Rasim Kaan Aytolu is popular.

The aim of a project Küçük worked on at A Haber was Can Dündar, the head editor of the Cumhuriyet daily. Suppose an incident resembling the vehicle case involving the Turkish National Intelligence Service (MT) occurred in the US or if a magazine. Kuchuk asserts that if The New York Times had revealed the contents of the CIA vehicle and published it, “it wouldn’t get legally corrected.” During a recent live broadcast, he said he was going to threaten CNN Türk spokesperson Nevşin Mengü.

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