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Sarah Ann Macklin was reportedly Prince Harry’s mistress.

There are rumours that Prince Harry had an affair with the model Sarah Ann Macklin around the time that he first started dating Meghan Markle, who is now his wife.

Angela Levin, a royal author, was the one who wrote Prince Harry’s biography. In it, she is said to have revealed that “Harry thought to have gone on dates with Burberry model Sarah Ann Macklin during the very early stages of his relationship with Meghan.” Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

It has suggested that Prince Harry cheated on Meghan while he seeing the model and having an affair with the actress who once starred on Suits. In addition to this, it said that Meghan was aware of Harry’s “temporary” relationship with Ann.

Sarah Ann Macklin is not only a model but also a dietician. She is a social media influencer who shares tips for maintaining a healthy way of life on many platforms.

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While she is based in the United States with Prince Harry and their two children, Meghan maintains her careers in the fashion industry and as a registered dietitian. She assists individuals in bettering their health by providing informed recommendations regarding nutrition and eating habits.

It turned out to be nothing more than a casual relationship, so don’t get the wrong idea about what Levin meant when he added, “These two weren’t really serious or even particularly exclusive.” Reportedly, Harry and Sarah Ann met for the first time at a private party in 2016, after which they texted one another a few times and went on a few dates.

Even though they have a lot working against them, Meghan and Harry still seem to be enjoying themselves and are unfazed by the challenges they face.

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