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Sania Aashiq Jabeen viral video on Twitter!!

Sania Ashiq Jabeen of Bio/Wiki

Sania Ashiq, a member of the Pakistani parliament, is among the youngest. Her conception took place on February 17, 1993. Sania Ashiq is 29 years old. She is a Lahore-born Pakistani. She was born with the legal name Sania Ashiq Jabeen. The young MPA is Muhammad Ashiq’s daughter, who passed away recently. She cares deeply about the advancement of women and is courteous.

Sania is probably the first elected member of Lahore’s middle class. Many people thought She wouldn’t have the opportunity to go to parliament. Due to the young girl’s frail personality, this has happened. However, she took part in the elections even at the young age of 25. She also selected to participate in the Punjab Assembly. Sania’s career has advanced beyond just momentum, although it is not a political triumph. Additionally, she is a young, brilliant, and brave lady who got her start in politics at a very young age. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

The career of MLA Sania Aashiq Jabeen

Sania Ashiq is a politician. She sits in the Panjab provincial parliament as a delegate of the Pakistan Muslim League. She took the oath of office at age 25, making her one of Pakistan’s youngest lawmakers. Sania won the election on the seats set aside for women. She is close friends with Maryam Nawaz, the party’s vice president. one of the most stunning female MPs in Pakistan, in the opinion of many. In this article, you will discover some of Sania Ashiq’s personal and professional secrets and her life narrative.

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Education, schools, and colleges attended by Sania Ashiq Jabeen

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Her elementary education was completed at City School Lahore. She received a PharmD degree from Punjab University College of Pharmacy in Lahore.

The Parents, Sister, and Family of Sania Aashiq Jabeen

Sania Ashiq’s father, Muhammad Ashiq, passed away a few years ago. Geologist was her late father’s line of work. She is a homemaker and, like her mother, is from Lahore. She lives in Lahore with her family.

Affairs, relationships, and husband of Sania Aashiq Jabeen

She and Abu Bakar were married on February 19, 2022. Her wedding ceremony took place in Lahore. She married in front of Maryam Nawaz and other prominent PML-N members. Sania Aashiq Jabeen and her husband wore matching white and golden outfits on the day of the nikkah. When she donned a traditional red dress on the reception day, she looked stunning. We’ve compiled a few of the wedding images of the pair here. She left out any information about her husband, including his place of birth and line of work, once our team had more information about her husband.

Does PML-N MPA Sania Ashiq Jabeen’s pon**ographic video exist, or is it fake?

Sania Ashiq, a PML-N MPA, is the focus of yet another issue involving a pon**ographic film that leaked.

A Punjabi MPA named Sania Ashiq Jabeen accused of leaking an inappropriate video on social media.

The terrible recent trend of leaked pon**ographic videos is cause for concern! Where have the morals vanished in this nation?

Whether a politician or a celebrity targets such leaked films, social media has unquestionably evolved into a very disordered and scandalous arena.

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