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Sam Helena was fired for creating an account on OnlyFans called “Officer Naughty.”

A UK police officer who posted semi-na*ked photos on her OnlyFans account under the name “Officer Naughty” fired.

A police officer was fired after creating an OnlyFans profile.

Sam Helena, a police constable, left the Metropolitan Police after her bosses told her off for using the online name “Officer Naughty.”

Even though she may have left, her disciplinary hearing is still going on, and she could still charged with gross misconduct.

Two years ago, when she posted a po**rnographic video of her tongue stud on TikTok while wearing her uniform, she given “words of wisdom.”

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The police officer still uses the handle “Inked Barbie” to post a wide range of photos and videos on Twitter and Instagram.

On her pay-per-view website, there is a video of her lying on a bed wearing a dark blue corset covered in chains and a police badge with the name “Officer Naughty” on it.

Sam Helena gave notice that she was leaving her job last week.

When Helena’s teachers discovered that her Instagram account linked to her OnlyFans page, which charges people to subscribe and see her posts, everything went wrong.

She quit after put on administrative leave for allegedly badmouthing the force last week.

She has almost 100 posts on her account, and she charges subscribers about £15 (about Rs 1,500) per month to access s@x, free content, and po*rnography. I’m here for you so that you can think of me as your welfare officer. I’m that neighbour girl you see out your window and can’t stop thinking about.”

Helena said she quit her job before suspended and investigated for having her only fan account, even though she still has a job until December 31, 2022, when she plans to leave.

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A spokesperson for the Met Police confirmed that she has left. The spokesperson also said, “We aware of the situation, and the officer who submitted a letter of resignation has put on administrative leave.”

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