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Rida Isfahani discusses her leaked photos for the first time.

Rida Isfahani was the first to discuss the controversy over her leaked photo. Nida Isfahani, an actress from Shehryar Shehzadi, talked about her leaked MMS and how she felt about the situation. So let’s look into this more.

Rida Isfahani is better known for her roles in soap operas and drama serials. She took part in the podcast by Nadia Ali. She said that she still talks about this subject seven years later. Rida Isfahani’s scandalous video went viral a few years ago. Since then, her life has been full of problems. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

She asked who was behind all of this while talking about the videos that went out. She said that her fiancé had broken her trust by cheating on her. Both his fiancee and the person in charge of taking pictures were him. You may know that actresses don’t usually get married when they’re this young, but I was able to convince my parents to let him in even though he wasn’t related to us.

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I want one male. I’m single. I want to get married,” she said. I thought I would choose just one person to match and not date or get involved with anyone else. But they said we would get married right after my sister got married.

She said we finished the project and were engaged for almost two years. All of these things happened before I left on my trip abroad. But Rida Isfahani Video because of what I did, my family has to pay other people back. But I often hear this criticism from other people.

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