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Ray J attacks Kris Jenner on Instagram as she denies sharing Kim’s s*x tape.

In response to Kris Jenner’s recent revelation that she would not be assisting her daughter, Kim Kardashian, in releasing her s*x tape. Ray J went on a social media rampage. Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend posted a video on Instagram criticizing Jenner for her recent appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. She asked on a lie detector if she assisted Kim with releasing her s*x tape. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

On Saturday, Ray J took to Twitter to blast Kim and her mother for their allegedly “inhumane and filthy” treatment of him. Ray J said he would never sued over the s*x tape leak in the video. The rapper continued by labeling John Grogan, the polygraph examiner, a “fake.” He also said, “If you want to take a phoney lie detector test with John Grogan, all you have to do is Google him and see what comes up. Similarly, you never sued Steve Hirsh for $5 million because we all made that up together—it was your mom’s idea.” This is clown talk! It’s no secret that John Grogan is a forger. ” Read More: Watch: Who Is Kim Kardashian New Na*ked Video and Pictures That Have Gone Viral on Twitter

In the same video, Ray J concluded, “After this finale. I’m going on the longest rant of my life to clear my name of all this hatred and prove to you that these guys are f*cking demons.” Let’s get this over with because I’m ready to go tonight! This one is for young people! I’m in the middle of the Caribbean at a private villa in the Dominican Republic, so nothing can stop me. “

After posting a 28-minute video in which he called out Kim and Kris, the rapper followed up with another video in which he promised to release all the evidence proving his case and putting the Jenners on the defensive.

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