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Randy Couple’s Bus S*x Goes Viral In Melbourne!

The video of the Melbourne bus when a racy couple was caught having s*x went viral. Online viewers have been captivated by the footage since it first appeared on Melbourne’s streets. With the help of the internet, you can keep up with the embarrassing and hilarious antics of people worldwide. A couple was recently caught having s*x on a mode of public transport. Passengers on the train are uneasy because of the se*ual encounters happening behind them. Passengers started filming the whole thing on their phones. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

A Melbourne bus catches a raunchy video of a se*y couple.

There was no shame in their game as they immediately escalated to an argument. “Listen, brother; you’re not fin the bus,” a distraught passenger from the back of the bus said. People on the bus were furious and demanded they get off. There was a live broadcast of the entire film on Facebook, which was then taken down. The couple’s identities were unknown because no information was provided. The Police have started an investigation. There are many s*x offenders in Australia, which won’t change anytime soon. This justification was offered up due to autism. Watch Full Video

However, the passengers weren’t satisfied with the explanation and pressed for more. A trip on Melbourne’s Route 902 from Chelsea to Airport West was in the cards for the bus passengers. People were continually commenting on the radio and yelling at the two. The couple’s claim of being homeless was a sad attempt to explain their predicament. They were being as creepy as possible, but the driver said nothing. They could be found guilty of this under Australian law. Many individuals rely on public transportation to and from work daily.

Significant numbers of these victims are female and juvenile. They are unacceptable, as they threaten the safety of the passengers. They face up to two years in prison if convicted. We believe the Australian Police will take swift and effective action to end this. Read More: Angelysc viral video on Reddit and Twitter.

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