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Qubool Hai actor Nishi Singh has passed away

Sanjay Singh Bhadli, her husband, has spoken openly about the loss of his wife and the financial hardships caused by it. Since almost three years back, actor Qubool Hai (Q.H.) Nishi Singh has been battling with some health concerns. He died on Sunday, just two days after turning 50. Qubool Hai, the actor who portrayed Nishi Singh, passed away on September 18 after a daring battle with the disease, which lasted for more than three years. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

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According to her husband Sanjay Singh Bhadli, who gave information, Nishi died two days after turning 50 due to medical complications. Her husband Sanjay, their two children, an 18-year-old daughter and a 21-year-old son, live with her. Also read: Nishi Singh Bhadli Being disabled, the Bhadli family is trying to raise funds.

Sanjay, a writer and actor by profession, had requested financial assistance to Nishi in September 2020 after she suffered a paralytic attack in February 2019 and a second attack in February 2020. This came after the attack on Nishi in February 2019. Sanjay revealed that while he was improving, after suffering a second stroke in May this year, his condition started deteriorating again. He said that ever since he passed away, the family is trying to deal with his grief and financial issues.

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According to Sanjay, during the days of his death, he had a serious throat disease, due to which he could not eat food. He was referring to her last moments. After that, he stopped eating solid food, so we could only give him liquids to drink. The biggest irony is that we recently celebrated his 50th birthday (September 16). Despite being unable to speak, she seemed to be in good humour. She agreed when I asked her to eat her favorite dish, Besan Ka Ladoo.

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