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Paul Murdaugh’s viral Snapchat video went viral on Twitter and Reddit!

Who is Paul Murdaugh?

It is shocking and horrifying that Alex Murdo killed his wife and kid. Paul Murdaugh is from South Carolina and was at the bloody crime scene. He also mentioned that his son had been seen on the boat a few months earlier and that there was harmless material, but he wasn’t taking it seriously. He was the first person to confront the police officer who made the entire situation public for the first time in court on Thursday, and now a trial is being held for the alleged murders of his wife Maggi and his youngest son. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Paul Murdaugh Snapchat Cell Phone Video

Additionally, they provided the court with camera footage from the Crime Scene and suggested that he was the one who had been attempting to obstruct the investigators by bringing up the boating accident in an earlier 911 call before the department arrived, as well as the fact that Mr. Murdaugh’s son was facing charges at the time of his death because he was operating the boat while he was inebriated. All the officers and the department played a crucial role in this.

What is In Paul Murdaugh’s Snapchat Cell Phone Video?

However, the representative testified on Thursday, and the defence pressed them as to whether they had contaminated the crime scene. Mr. Murdaugh came up, explaining to all the officers that he was not the one who killed his wife and son. He also hired a lawyer who claimed the assumptions were reasonable, and everyone was watching him instead of investigating that there could be some other possibility.

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We advise avoiding watching this video if you are sensitive because it contains a lot of harmful content that might not be suitable for the people watching it. No additional information has been provided regarding the entire situation or this murder case, but we will do our best to find out as much as we can. This particular mystery case is causing a lot of controversies across the social media platform, and people have been sharing this video on the social media platform multiple times.

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