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Original, blur-free footage from the viral Patna Railway Station video circulated online.

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Patna Railway Station Viral Video

You’re all probably wondering why we’re saying this and what occurred to draw the world’s attention to India. No, not for a positive reason this time, but for a startling reason. How would you feel if you were waiting to board a train at a train stop when all of a sudden, your eyes landed on a TV that was playing NSFW material? Rightfully shocking, as there are a lot of young children, senior citizens, women, and other people at a train stop, and such scenes can disturb them. According to reports, hundreds of passengers, including women and children, watched in utter astonishment as the railroad announced that por**nographic material was being broadcast on the crowded platform number 10 on Sunday morning, March 19, 2023.

Although this incident took place in Patna Junction Video, it has garnered attention all over the globe. After hearing this news, people are shocked and curious about how it occurred. In addition, Messrs M Dutta Studio Company Pvt Limited has been the subject of two separate police complaints made under the RPF Act and the IT Act, and the process to blacklist the company has started. The public is demanding severe action against the business and the suspects who are accountable for this type of negligence, or perhaps we should say the company’s offense.

According to accounts, an offensive blue film appeared on the screen from 9:56 to 10:00 AM for about three minutes. It wouldn’t be noticed if many passengers didn’t protest about it to the authorities.

Patna Railway Station Viral Video Without Blur

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Even the general public is concerned about this because it is a serious issue. People are outraged by it and calling for stringent action against it. According to Prakash Kumar Panda, senior commandant of the Danapur RPF, the Patna RPF acted immediately and filed an FIR under the RPC Act against the business. This Kolkata-based organization has been contracted to regularly declare the arrival and departure of trains at Patna Junction on television.

Patna Railway Station Viral Video

“Railways has already canceled the agency’s contract and summoned its officials to Patna RPF post for further investigation into this serious matter,” he claimed. According to reports, the operator is missing as a result of the unacceptable incident, and police are looking for him. Suppose he shows up after the team from the Railway Police Force arrives. In that case, the railway security forces will look into obtaining an arrest warrant for him and the other agency members involved in the impolite act.

Patna Railway Station Viral Video Original Clip

Sushil Kumar, an RPF inspector in Patna, claims that the incident took place at Patna Junction while Danapur Prabhat Kumar was there for an examination. But all of a sudden, an RPF member told him that the por* video was being shown on the station’s TVs. The DRM immediately requested an investigation and instructed the concerned commercial officers to cancel the agency’s contract with the railways. Patna RPF documented the incident in a post that included the incident’s footage.

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As we previously stated, an investigation has already been launched, and police are looking for the person they think to be responsible for this act. The clip, allegedly captured by a passenger, and the fuzzy version went viral online. Many people are searching for the link to the viral incident, but because it contains offensive material, it is not available to view online. If someone is caught viewing such a video, they could be charged with a crime, so it is better to avoid promoting things that could get you into trouble.

In addition, numerous individuals are waiting to learn the operator’s identity because the police have not disclosed such information. Our sources are attempting to get in touch with the organization behind this naughty deed, but they still need to prepare to discuss it. We are trying to gather more information about this issue, and as soon as we do, we’ll let you know here. Keep in touch with us until then; we’ll be back shortly.

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