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WATCH: Patna Junction Railway Station’s Viral Video Without Blur!!

Here, we’re going to share the news that’s making the rounds on the internet and grabbing people’s interest. In a shocking occurrence, the Patna Railway Station’s 10 platform-area TV screens all aired an offensive video clip for almost three minutes. On Sunday evening, this mishap took place. As soon as some passengers reported the incident, the force of protection officials took notice of it and swiftly cut the broadcast. People are using search engines to find out all the information they can about the news. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Viral Video from Patna Junction Railway Station

The most crowded stop in Patana, the railway station in Ptana, was playing the video when it was reported to have happened. Instead of a commercial, an inappropriate video was played on the screen abruptly, and it continued to play for up to three minutes. The passenger was startled to see the footage on the LED screen as they waited for their train to depart. For everyone who was present, this was a fascinating time. Many people were present, along with family members, and this was a shocking moment for everyone.

The purpose of these screens is to advertise the goods. But all of a sudden, the inappropriate videos caught people’s interest. The platform’s screen began to broadcast this terrible video all over it. It should be mentioned that a contract for the telecasting of videos and commercial films on the platforms of railroad stations within the Danapur Division has been awarded to a private company. We’ll also give you more information about the story.

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Patna Railway Station Viral Video Without Blur

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Additionally, Prabhat Kumar, the designated spokesperson for the DRM office in Danapur, confirmed the event by stating that an investigation into it had already begun. The contract termination procedure has started. They have filed a police report (FIR) against the company’s executives. Additionally stated that this incident could not be tolerated and that this business had been added to a blacklist. For hundreds of passengers waiting to board their trains at Patna Railway Station, one of India’s busiest train stations, this event came as a significant shock.

There was a commotion at the railway station when the incident occurred, and many passengers began to inform the RPF and station authorities of the problem. The footage was broadcast for more than three minutes on the screen of a railroad platform, according to the witnesses. The commuters at that time found it difficult to be impressed because of the inappropriate video broadcasting. This issue cannot be disregarded because it occurred in a public setting with family, coworkers, and students present. It is important to look into this issue further and determine the true cause of this unexpected video broadcasting.

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Telegram Link for the Patna Viral Video Without Blur

According to the story, some people have even linked the popular video to Nitish Kumar, the current Chief Minister of Bihar. Additionally, the Ministry of Railways was named by others who demanded action in this respect. A FIR has also been made against the organization in charge of airing the advertisement’s video and information on TV screens because they aired the video by mistake. If this incident wasn’t planned, then the conduct was careless. Now the issue is, why is this video being broadcast in a public space?

According to the information provided by the authorities, the Railways have also placed the agency on a blacklist. According to sources, a related incident also happened at the same train stop on Sunday morning. This time around, the controversy was replaced by the news, which was crucial because the reaction warrants punishment because it is unacceptable behavior. Let’s look at some additional news items.

The inquiry has shown without a doubt that this inappropriate video was broadcast from the studio of M/s Datta Communication in Kolkata. At Patna Junction, a different organization has been engaged. RPF and GRP filed a case against Dutta Communication on this premise, and the owner of the associated agency has been called in for questioning. However, when this incident occurred, all of the agency’s workers fled from there after locking the Patna Junction office. We have covered every aspect of the events that occurred at Patna Station.

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