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Parineetii 23rd January 2023 Written Update: Gurpreet argues with Sukhwinder

At the beginning of the episode, Gurpreet and Sukhwinder talk about Rajeev. Gurpreet tells her she got something wrong. Parineetii is there, and so is Rajeev. Sukhwinder says that Neeti told him that he had left. Gurpreet tells her that Pehras went with Parineet. Neeti was by herself. Sanju is with Neeti, Sukhwinder tells her. She needed to correct something. Sukhwinder says that she thought Sanju was Rajeev when he was Sanju.

They chose to talk to them. Rajeev finds out about them and runs away. Sukhwinder and Gurpreet are surprised to find that they are not there. Rajeev is afraid that he will get caught. From there, he takes Neeti. She is told that both Neeti and Sanju are thereby Sukhwinder. Let’s set this person’s mind at ease. Gurpreet looks in that direction but doesn’t find them. Gurpreet says that she is laughing at her. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Sukhwinder and Gurpreet are having an argument about this. There, Babli goes. Sukhwinder tells her about this. Gurpreet tells her that Sukhwinder thought Rajeev was Sanju when he was Rajeev. Babli doesn’t think she’s wrong. Both people are the same. He is using a double rule to throw them off. Monty is there, and Babli sees him. She tells Gurpreet that she has a boyfriend. From there, she takes her to meet him. Sukhwinder asks Parineet,” doesn’t she feel bad? The Lohri is her first one. But Rajeev is not here, so Pehras can’t go with him. Parineet says that her job is the most important thing. Sukhwinder tells her that Gurpreet seems to forget a lot. Today, she thought Sanju’s name was Rajeev. She told Parineet that he should take Gurpreet to a doctor. Parineet gets nervous hearing it.

She says she’s sorry. In the meantime, Rajeev falls in love with Neeti. She asks him how he gets Biji to agree. He wants her to do something for him in return. He tells her that he told her not to say anything bad about Neeti. Rajeev gets mad at Biji for putting Neeti down in front of everyone, even though it wasn’t her fault. Biji tells him that she keeps getting in the way of Parineet and Rajeev’s relationship. She worries that Neeti would cause Parineet and Rajeev to break up. She needs an heir. Rajeev tells her that nothing like that will happen. Don’t bring up kids’ problems again.

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It hurts Biji to hear that. She tells him she’s going to leave. Rajeev gives her comfort. Biji tells him she doesn’t want Neeti to get in the way of them. When Rajeev thinks about it, it makes him cry.Rajeev asks Parineet what he plans to do to deal with the situation. She tells him to let Neeti go ahead of them. Everyone begins to take pehras at the same time. Biji tells Parineetii to keep Rajeev’s dhuppatta in his hands. Parineet has no choice but to keep it. They are doing that to Pehras. Sukhwinder sees that Parineet is holding his dhuppatta and tells Babli to stop Parineet. Only a husband and wife want to hold on like that. It’s not a good sign. Babli doesn’t want to go.

Rajeev is feeling guilty, so he holds Neeti’s dhuppatta. Parminder and Biji ask God to make Rajeev and Parineet’s marriage happier. Sukhwinder and Neeti pray for the best for Sanju and Neeti. Rajeev is not sure what to pray to God about. Sukhwinder takes Rajeev’s dhuppatta from Parineet’s hand. Vishal goes over and puts his hand on her dhuppatta. He asks her to give him Pehras. Gurpreet needs to find out who he is. He has Parineet’s dhuppatta in his hands. Rajeev, Vishal, and Parineet are dancing together. Read More

Later, Neeti meets Vishal. He gets irritated when he sees her. He believes he wants to act like Parineet’s husband. Neeti asks why he didn’t tell Parineet that he was coming over unexpectedly. He told her a lie. It’s a shock. Neeti tells him that when Parineetii sees him, she looks happy. Gurpreet asks Babli about her boyfriend in the meantime. She makes funny faces and tries to keep things under control.

Gurpreet tells her that she should find someone like Rajeev. With Rajeev by her side, Parineet is living a happy life. When Babli heard it, his face fell. Vishal tries to talk Neeti out of leaving him, but she is set on staying with him. She tells Parineet to get him to stop. Parineet tells her that he wants to go. Neeti needs to find out if Parineetii and Rajeev are up to something. They never speak to each other. Vishal says it’s okay for her to take the call.

Episode end

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