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Original Patna Railway Station Viral Video Without Blur Clip!!

In Bihar’s Patna, a shocking event occurred. Reports state that a por**nographic video was displayed on a train stop screen in Patna, Bihar. It is accurate to say that this event is not a rumor or untrue fable. The event happened at Patna Junction Railway Station, where for about three minutes, por**nographic videos were playing on the station’s screens. A debate has arisen over this staff error on social media and news networks at the train station. Who is to blame for this scandalous event? According to reports, people are looking for information to get clarification on some issues raised by this news. The following parts have covered all the crucial elements of this news. Be sure to bookmark this page and read this article to the conclusion. Please scroll down and read it all the way through. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Patna Railway Station Viral Video

The por**nographic images were shown on the screen at Patna Junction Railway Station for about three minutes, which gave station patrons enough time to film the incident. The internet is currently flooded with Patna Junction Railway Station videos, and internet users are incredibly interested in viewing these videos. The reports state that this event happened early on March 19, 2023, on Sunday. At precisely 10 am, the explicit video began playing on the TVs in the railroad station.

Patna Railway Station Viral Video Without Blur

Following this shocking incident, this tale quickly became popular across all social media channels, and almost all news outlets covered it. When people shared the footage on social media and tagged Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar, and the minister of railways, the news quickly went viral. A preliminary inquiry revealed that the agency running advertisements on the screens made a mistake by playing the movie instead of the advertisements. Read the actions that have been done against the agency by scrolling down the page.

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An original viral clip from Patna Railway Station

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According to accounts, Dutta Communication, a company that runs advertisements, has been the subject of an FIR. Railway has also banned the company for using por**nographic images in television advertisements. The pertinent authorities have begun an inquiry. Police from the railway is investigating. That’s all there is to say now; check back often for changes and additional information.

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