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OnlyFans models Karina Pedro and Inked Dory flash the audience during an MMA fight, going viral on Twitter.

The audience was shocked when two fighters repeated their X-rated antics from the weigh-in and showed their b**bs during an MMA battle. The Czech Republic’s O2 Universum Hall served as the competition’s site. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Watch the viral video below.

Fans were in awe when Inked Dory and Karina Pedro participated in the fourth Battle of the Stars competition, Weird Wars. Two competitors’ X-rated antics from the weigh-in were reprised while they engaged in an MMA fight, shocking the crowd.

MMA fight, going viral on Twitter

To fight against influencer, singer, and actor Kristal Shine and model Denisa Ryndova, the two were working together inside the cage. They made news twice before the opening bell because showing off their breasts gave the public a preview of what is available on their subscription-only OnlyFans website.

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The first incident occurred at the weigh-ins for the MMA party, where two fighters also kissed. Dory and Karina joined their rivals on the scales and posed for pictures afterward. To the delight of those present, they synchronously reached down and pulled their shirts up, making their rivals appear humiliated. However, when some fans praise the pair, Twitter goes crazy. It took me off guard, one supporter tweeted. We need more of this, one individual said.

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Inked, who has almost 20,000 Instagram followers, and Karina, who has 21 followers, performed the act as they approached the cage for the fight. They again coordinated and showed their b**bs as they positioned themselves on the cage’s apron next to one another.

Despite the fight taking three rounds, the OnlyFans duo raised their hands after prevailing on points in the decision. Later, with the caption “Unforgettable memories,” Karina posted many images of herself competing in an octagon that resembled the UFC. Inked sent a much longer statement through her fight snaps at the time, admitting that she disagreed with the judge’s decision.

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