HomeEntertainmentOn January 24, 2023, Maaya surprises Anuj and Anupama.

On January 24, 2023, Maaya surprises Anuj and Anupama.

On the song Naacho Naacho, Shahs and Kapadias dance. Upon watching Kavya dancing with Mohit, Vanraj and Leela frown. Then they all launch kites. Maaya cuts everyone’s kites. Maaya and Anupama/Anuj begin their kite battle. Anupama and Anuj eagerly attempt to save their kite. They urged to keep their kite Little Anu. Maaya even cuts their kite. Little Anu is depressed. Anupama claims that no one has ever been able to cut her kite before; who is this person who did it for the first time? Anuj lifts her spirits. Anupama observes the names Maaya and Little Anu on the kite. Little Anu runs to hug Maaya when she sees her happy. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

After witnessing Little Anu’s actions and walking to Maaya, Anuj and Anupama startled. Maaya introduced to them by young Anu as her best friend, Maaya. As Anu’s parents, Anupama and Anuj present themselves. Maaya asserts that she is confident that Anu would have told them about her. According to Anuj, there is still a lot to learn. To take their kites, little Anu runs. In addition, Maaya admits that she is Little Anu’s biological mother. Anupama and Anuj are in disbelief after hearing that.

Maaya claims that she came to get her daughter back at all costs, that she came to see them today and will return at all prices to get her daughter back, and that they should believe Devaki has come back to get Yashoda. After wishing them Jai Sri Krishna, she approaches Little Anu and advises her to fly her kite rather than Anuj or Anupama because it will last much longer. The young Anu begs her to come to her home. Maaay hugs her before promising to return soon and waving goodbye. Anupama and Anuj tensed.

Leela and Vanraj overhear their discussion. Little Anu sends her best wishes and informs them that Maaya promised to stop by their home. Anupama thinks back to Leela’s curse. Leela queries Vanraj as to Maaya’s authority to kidnap Little Anu. When Anuj recovers from his shock, he will look into Maaya’s family history because Anuj and Anupama can’t survive without Little Anu, according to Vanraj. According to Leela, Anupama is atoning for her sins after ignoring her children in favour of her adoptive daughter and vowing to change her ways. Vanraj requests that they refrain from saying that and keep what they see and hear from others. Leela believes that Anupama has affected by her curse, and she will now understand what it’s like to have family problems. Little Anu informs Anuj and Anupama that Maaya has agreed to visit their home soon.

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Kavya driven home by Vanraj in a car. Kavya claims he should have hired a taxi because her skin and hair damaged. Vanraj claims that an auto costs 200 rs and a cab costs 800 rs. How was your performance, Kavya queries? Vanraj claims he didn’t like seeing his wife share her perfume with everyone or wear short clothing. He would become a model if someone offered him, according to Kavya, who claims it is part of her work. For him, he claims, it’s different.

She demands that he shed his impoverished mindset simply because he is a man. Little Anu informs Anuj and Anupama that Maaya has told her that she is coming to the camp to take care of her since she loves Maaya so much. What else does she know about Maaya, Anupama queries. Maaya calls her sugar, wears an angel bracelet, speaks less but is very sweet, according to little Anu, and has a good fashion sense. Anuj is tense as he sits. Maaya believes she understands how tough it is for Anuj and Anupama to deal with it, but she can’t let someone else take away her rights; she will see them soon.

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