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No active shooter has been caught in today’s shooting at Brandon AMC.

Since we woke up, we’ve heard about shootings in the news, most of which turn out to be fake. Now there has been a report of another shooting. The report says that there was a shooting at Brandon AMC. Since this news broke on the Internet, people have asked, “What is going on at the AMC movie theatre?” Brandon is where the theatre is. Reports say that social media posts about an active gunman are being shared all over the Web, and people have said there was a shooting at the theater. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Today, there was a shooting at Brandon AMC.

Since then, people have been scared and have been checking many websites to find out what’s happening with this shooting. They want to know if the news is true or not. There’s a new twist to this story: It’s said that the news about the shooting is fake and that there was no shooting. Instead, it was just a way to scare people or spread threats. This information has confirmed by the police, who said there is no active shooter at the AMC in Brandon. Despite what people say on social media, there isn’t a shooter at the AMC. Read More: Mo Gilligan and the star of Hollyoaks, Sophie Wise!!

Explaining the Brandon AMC shooting

Many people call our website to say that there are a lot of cops and possible gunmen at the movie theater. However, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said it was a false alarm. The Sheriff’s office says the rumors on social media about a gunman at the AMC movie theater in Brandon are untrue. The Sheriff’s office wrote on Twitter, “There is NO active gunman at the AMC in Brandon.” They said that police were at the theater to find out what happened. No injuries or deaths have reported, and no one has hurt or killed. Read More: Leaked and Viral Video Real IRS Training Video With Guns 2022!!

So far, no active shooter has been caught.

In an emergency, HSCO asked people to always check with the Sheriff’s office for details instead of spreading rumors on social media. The same thing happened on Saturday, September 3, 2022, at AMC theatres in Pembroke Pines and Orange Park. After the fake news that the AMC had shot, the theatre closed for the rest of the night. The big commotion caused by the fake news sent many people running to their cars in a panic. But now that people know there isn’t a gunman like that there, they feel better. Read More: Who is Heather Fleck? Her tattoo means what? Age, spouse, and riches!

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