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Mikaben a vocalist from Haiti, passed during Carimi concert in Paris!!

“Lionel Benjamin,” a vocalist from Haiti, passed away during the Carimi concert in Paris- According to Carel Pèdre from Paris, the Haitian singer Micah Benjamin (Michael Benjamin) passed away during a Carimi performance in France. Before he suffered a heart attack, Mikaben was glowing in the event venue, attracting a large crowd on Saturday night. Sadly, he passed away shortly after. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

The exceptional young artist, born in Port-au-Prince in 1981 and who plays the piano, guitar, bass, and drums, is the son of legendary vocalist Lionel Benjamin. At 15, he penned his first song under the pen name Mika, then went by Mikaben, and debuted himself to the public at the Telemax TV channel’s Christmas competition with his song “Nwèl Tristès,” which took fourth place. He went by the name Mikaben after the competition.

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Even though rescue workers arrived quickly, they couldn’t save the stuck singer. Throughout the night, there will be a variety of musical performances with a focus on Haitian music. A terrible thing happens in the middle of the night. After Karimi finished performing his hit song “Ou pati” from the album Haitian Bard, which made him well-known in Guadeloupe, he urged singer Michael Benjamin to come to the stage so they could perform together.

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After successfully rescuing him, the emergency professionals quickly left the breathtaking room. The singers’ most devoted fans were taken aback. Some people pray while asking multiple questions. Up till the time, I heard the terrible news. Mikaben asserted that Michael Benjamin could not endure the pain he was experiencing.

A short while ago, his performance was unsuccessful, and he quickly left the stage. In 1981, Mikaben Benjamin, son of the well-known musician Lionel Benjamin, was born in Port-au-Prince. He started learning to play different instruments when he was young and eventually got good at them all. When he was 15 years old, he wrote the first song that would become famous. The Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, has stated in response to the artist’s demise.

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