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Marilee Fiebig Ditches Wedding Ring After T.J. Holmes’ ABC Drama

Marilee Fiebig ditched the wedding band that connected her to her ex-husband during her first public appearance after The alleged serial cheater’s T.J. Holmes high-profile firing from ABC. Page Six has an exclusive photo of Fiebig walking through New York City on Thursday evening with a big bunch of red roses in her hand. Along with matching pants and boots, the immigration lawyer wore a long black coat under his white turtleneck. Her dark, curly hair moved in the wind while she smiled sweetly. Less than a month after his affair became public, T.J. Holmes asked his second wife, Fiebig, 45, for a divorce. Amy Robach is also an outcast and is dating T.J. Holmes right now. Last Friday, two coworkers who fell in love were fired because they were a “distraction.” Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Page Six said that the relationship between Holmes and Fiebig at work was “an open secret” among the “Good Morning America” family, even though Fiebig, who has a 10-year-old daughter with Holmes, was “blindsided” by the news. During the network’s investigation into Holmes and Robach’s relationship, it came out that he had dated three other employees, including married producer Natasha Singh, script coordinator Jasmin Pettaway, with whom he had se*x in his office, and another junior employee. Holmes posted a cringe-worthy 10th-anniversary tribute to Fiebig in March 2020. He said he had given her “plenty of reasons” to leave him over their nearly 13-year relationship.

Marilee Fiebig, TJ Holmes’s ex-wife, takes off her wedding ring and holds roses for the first time since Holmes’s affair with Amy Robach was made public.

Marilee Fiebig took off the wedding band that tied her to her now ex-husband when she made her first public appearance after ABC fired her husband, who was accused of cheating on her many times. Fiebig was seen walking around New York City on Thursday evening with a big bouquet of red roses. These photos were taken by Page Six and were only seen here. As she walked out, the immigration lawyer wore a white turtleneck under a long black coat. She also wore black pants and boots that matched the skin. Her dark, curly hair moved in the wind as she smiled sweetly for the camera. Holmes, who was 45 then, asked for a divorce from his second wife, Marilee Fiebig, on December 28, 2022. This was a few weeks after news of the affair between the journalists broke. Holmes is still with Amy Robach, who replaced him as a co-host on “GMA3.” After getting fired last Friday, the coworkers who had become lovers were called distractions.

There’s no word on who bought the flowers, but the romantic arrangement might make some fans wonder if TJ isn’t the only one moving on since both of his ex-wives nails are painted the same shade of red as the flowers. Aside from her wedding ring, she is wearing a lot of jewellery, like earrings hanging on either side of her face. After marrying Marilee Fiebig for more than a decade, his affair with Amy, 45, became public. After a month, he put together papers to end the marriage. Sabine, their 10-year-old daughter, is their only child. Because of how their relationship ended, things could get nasty between the two former partners. Recent reports say that the network has officially fired T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach, who used to work together as co-hosts.

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